Design Thinking Tutorials

Watch these step by step tutorials on each phase of the Design Thinking process to solve any problem! Join the D4i team as they share useful tips and examples. If you are thinking about running your own design challenge, we highly recommend watching these tutorials to gain a deeper understanding of why these steps are important and how to conduct them on your own.


The Empathy phase allows you to explore the needs and desires of your target user. During Empathy, you will do research and conduct interviews with people to narrow in on a problem and understand the demographic of people that this problem affects.


During the Define phase, you will choose a specific problem to develop a solution for. You will summarize this problem by writing a “How might we” statement, which concisely states your issue and your user to further organize the problem-solving process. 


The Ideate phase is where you begin to think about solutions to your problem. You will write down as many ideas as you can without thinking about limitations. You will then organize your ideas as a team and choose a final solution.


During the Prototype phase you will make a rough representation of your chosen solution. This prototype can be a physical representation, a graphic, or a skit about your final product. Your prototype does not have to be perfect as long as it carries the central parts of your solution.


The Test phase brings your solution back to your target user. This is where you get feedback on your solution to further edit and refine your idea. It is important to test with enough people to get diverse opinions on your solution and identify trends within the feedback that you recieve.


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