Interactive Workshops @ Spark

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Do Something Campaign Creation:

We want the students at Avenues to put their thinking caps on and create a campaign (a volunteer opportunity for online or offline action in a given cause space) for! We will help them identify a cause-area they are passionate about. Once their cause is identified, we will give them our campaign guidelines and they will think of a creative way to drive impact in that space. With time permitting, we will then talk to them about what looks like to manage a campaign and make it successful!

Time: 12:45-1:45, @ Room 217

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Intro to p5.js (upperlinecode workshop):

P5.js is one of the most powerful and beginner-friendly text-based introductions to code. With it, you can create animations, interactive digital art, and 2D-games that can be run right from your web browser. This workshop will give you the chance to build and play in a language that produces striking visual results in an hour even if you’ve never written a line of code before in your life.

(1 hour, participants will need a laptop or chromebook to participate)

Time: 11:00-12:00, @ Room 213

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QUP -- The Game for Curious & Empathetic Students

Q-UP and compete in problem solving to earn real cash. Think you've got the curiosity and empathy to come in first place? Students, teachers, and lifelong learners are invited to QUP and learn about WHY competition, collaboration, and play have the power to teach innovation in the most unexpected ways.

Time: 11:00-12:00, @ Room 217

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Design for Change: A Global Movement of Young People Changing the World!

This will be a student led workshop supported by two adult facilitators. In this workshop, participants will be guided through DFC design thinking framework Feel, Imagine, Do, Share, helping them understand booth design thinking principles and how this framework is being used by students around the world to make a difference. This will be a hands on, interactive workshop, and will require alot of group participation.

Time: 12:25-1:45, @ Room 217

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WeThrive Entrepreneurship Workshop:

Experiencing the first stages of a small business venture, we show how an idea is shaped and how it’s strategically executed as a business idea that not only only brings positive impact to the community by solving a problem, but also utilizes the founders’ passions and skills to propel nancial leadership and an entrepreneur mindset. This activity encourages participants to think of their dreams and entrepreneurial ideas, plan step by step how to realise them as a team and learn about tasks to be done.

Time: 11:00-12:00, @ Room 214