Food Vendors @ Spark

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Food Vendor - Zai Lai:

Zai Lai is a casual Homestyle Taiwanese Spot serving Family Favorites including Rice Bowls, Noodles, Street Eats, and Taiwanese Breakfast. We have two locations: 1) underground near Columbus Circle, look for entryways at the corners of 57th St and 8th Avenue, and 2) 570 Lexington at 51st Street. Web ordering is currently only available from our Turnstyle location.

Chef Edward Huang serves homey, soul-satisfying Taiwanese food inspired by family cooking and his adventures in Taiwan. Each dish has a history, telling a story and conveying life. “Read Our Stories.” Traditional recipes demand traditional flavors, which is why Zai Lai sources its ingredients conscientiously. “Read Our Philosophy.” Zai Lai was named after a common Chinese farewell, meaning “come back soon.”

As a child visiting Taiwan, Chef Edward would hear “Zai Lai” at the end of the night after savoring the richness of family time and the delight of home cooking. “Zai Lai” represents how a simple meal served with love and care can nourish our lives.

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Food Vendor - Mr. Bing

Mr Bing's mission is to introduce America to traditional Northern Chinese street crepes ('jianbing', 煎饼).  For those already familiar with 'jianbing,' we aim to instill a vibrant sense of nostalgia for the China street culture they remember. When we studied Chinese in Beijing in 1998, we ate bings everyday outside our school.  There was a nice lady who made them fresh on the back of a bicycle cart. We loved bings so much, that we just had to bring it back to America.

According to legend, ‘jianbing’ was invented nearly 2,000 years ago during the Three Kingdoms period in China (220-280 A.D.). Zhuge Liang,  a chancellor in Shandong Province, was faced with feeding an army of soldiers who’d lost their woks.

He ordered the cooks to evenly mix water with wheat flour and spread the dough onto a copper-made griddle suspended over a fire. The dish lifted his soldiers’ morale and they fought their way to victory...on a tummy full of bings.

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Food Vendor - Pasta By Hudson:

Welcome to Pasta By Hudson: where we bring you the farm-freshness and high quality of fine Italian dining at a fast-casual pace, using the rich variety of Italian pasta shapes and sauces to celebrate the country's culinary diversity – with our own New York flair!

Experience Rome through carbonara – a decadently creamy sauce we serve with applewood-smoked bacon and fried egg. Taste Liguria through our take on pesto – with mustard greens, baby spinach, arugula, and basil essence.  And experience the home-cooking of a traditional Sicilian nonna through our white-sausage bolognese: a recipe taken directly from one of our best friends' grandmothers. (Don't worry, we always include an old-school pomodoro red sauce on our menu if you're looking for something simple and cozy!)

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