Press & Play Design Challenge

This is the easiest way to run your own design challenge. All you have to do is reflect this video in your classroom and press play. The video will take you through a design challenge based off of the United Nations 4th Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education. The goal of this Design Challenge is to have students create solutions that address education inequality. Make sure your students are split into groups of 3-5 people, then just press play! 

noun_Sticky Note_2413575.png

Post-it Notes

noun_design tools_952419.png

Writing Utensils




Cardboard/Clay/String (optional for prototyping)

Notes about the Empathy Phase

This is where participants will learn about Education Inequality and identify a specific problem to focus on. If possible, participants can do independent research on education inequality. However, if this is not an option, please print out and use the following resources: