Save The World Pitch Contest

Overview and Breakdown:


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We believe that social innovation and entrepreneurial mindset can be taught at any age, and that as future leaders that will inherit the earth, it is up to young people to change the world for the better.

We want the world to recognize young entrepreneurs, designers, and activists as a powerful source of untapped creativity and innovation. So we have created this Save the World Pitch Contest to inspire and help other young entrepreneurs develop and launch their social ventures.


  • High school students

    • This contest is open to any students currently enrolled in high school. If you are accepted to compete, the only requirement is that you show up to present at Spark on May 18th

  • Young social entrepreneurs

    • D4i wants to empower a new generation of problem solvers and change makers. If you want to create an organization that solves a social or environmental issue, please apply now to share, exchange, find resources, and launch!

Pitch Rules and Guidelines:

  • 10 Minute Time limit: We will enforce a strict 10 minute time limit for each pitch, after which you will be clapped off stage.

  • Judges: Your pitching scores and awards will be decided by a panel of expert entrepreneurial judges

  • Prizes: Prizes may include tuition for entrepreneurship programs, financial stipends, access to coworking space, mentorship, and other in-kind prizes and startup resources. Prizes will be announced as they are confirmed on a rolling basis.

To compete, you must complete this application form. The deadline for applications is Monday, May 6th.

  • It doesn’t matter if your venture is a nonprofit, for-profit, or has a hybrid business model. As long as your venture’s objective is to solve a social or environmental problem, you are welcome to apply!

  • You can apply as an individual student, or as a student team.

  • Your best chance of success in this pitching contest is to follow the pitching structure and template described in the following slides...

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To view a more specific slide-by-slide breakdown, download the following:

Outline of Pitch Structure:

  1. Intro Slide

  2. Problem

  3. Solution

  4. Market Opportunity

  5. Competitive Landscape

  6. Go-To-Market Strategy

  7. Team & Management

  8. Traction & Validation

  9. Financial Planning

  10. Asks & Funding Requirements

  11. Your Big Vision

  12. Closing Slide